High quality top grain leather
Leather details used in our products are mostly made from top grain leather. This is the second highest leather quality after full grain. This leather has been vegetable retanned after the initial tanning, to give it similar properties to the vegetable tanned leather.

Depending on where it is to be used, the leather is given different treatments to make it suitable for those specific products. Most of this leather will be semi-aniline dyed, meaning that the leather has a thin protective surface. On some bags, this leather might also be corrected to give it a more uniform surface.


 Small Leather Goods: A bit of hide food or leather polish will help to keep Small Leather Goods clean and supple.

Polish all bags with a leather care cream to keep them supple and protected against staining. While scuffs can be reduced with gentle rubbing, water, grease, perfumes, biro inks and direct light or heat may leave permanent damage. Beware of colour transfer from darker leathers onto lighter coloured clothing and vice versa, denim can be a particular enemy. Use a small amount and apply a thin and even layer, for example with a sponge. Wipe off the excess with a clean and dry cloth. Always try first on a small inconspicuous surface to see how the colour changes before you treat the whole bag

- Beware that hot and dry air can dry out the leather.
- If your bag has become wet, dry it at room temperature.
- If the leather has become dirty, clean it gently with a light moistened sponge and some mild leather soap if necessary.
- Colour may come off with friction, sweat and water, be careful when using light coloured clothing.


Cotton Canvas

Our canvas products are made from various washed cotton canvas, which means that the colour cannot bleed. But we recommend "not washing your bag" to avoid the leather looking or feeling dry.


- The colour of our canvas bags may fade overtime, especially when exposed to sunlight, and will develop a beautiful and unique style. Just like your favourite pair of denim jeans.

- Dirt can normally be removed by carefully wiping the fabric with a moistened sponge and some mild soap. Be gentle, as hard rubbing on the fabric may cause spots.

- If washing is absolutely necessary, we recommend careful hand washing. If hand washed, use lukewarm water and a mild, non-bleaching detergent. Stretch the wet product and let it hang dry. Re-grease the leather details when almost completely dry.